We are the peak industry group to represent the interests of Independent Power Producers in Papua New Guinea.

We promote the electrification of Papua New Guinea and the development of a sustainable energy industry to power and empower Papua New Guineans.


oUR mission

We promote the collective interests of Independent Power Producers in Papua New Guinea, assist with public policy formation and implementation, and serve as a platform for information dissemination to our members, with due regard for the prescripts and limitations imposed by the Competition Act.

We pro-actively engage with legislators, government officials, planners, regulators, PNG Power Limited, and the Business Council of PNG as part of our initiatives to achieve energy security and independence in Papua New Guinea.


  • Provide equal opportunity to all industry players participating in the energy sector to achieve affordable and sustainable power generation.

  • Meet quarterly to discuss strategic engagement with the Government.

  • Assist the Government in developing a streamlined and best practice IPP application process.

  • Represent members in various platforms including at National and Provincial Government  levels.

  • Inform members on the latest policy, legislative, and regulatory developments.

  • Make representations to key decision-makers on appropriate policies to develop a sustainable independent power production market.

  • Mobilise the independent power production sector via working groups, seminars and workshops to define clear positions on political, technical and economic issues.

  • Promote all sustainable power technologies.

  • Organise networking events including breakfasts, seminars, conferences where topical issues on independent power production are highlighted and discussed.

  • Promote competition in the generation sector. Driven by the belief that competition rewards innovation, provides new choices, and creates a downward pressure on market prices for consumers.

  • Review and provide input into new policies impacting power generation.

  • Operate ethically and respect ICCC competition regulations.

  • Ensure a high standard of governance.


We were founded in 2018 as an informal industry group by four Independent Power Producers (IPPs) in Papua New Guinea: NiuPower, PNG Biomass, PNG Forest Products, and POSCO International.

We operate with a Secretariat that is tasked with the day-to-day operation of IP3, providing organisational, logistical and communications support to operate the organisation. The Secretariat is funded and operated by employees of the IP3 Industry Members.


The IP3 Industry Group is governed by a Charter signed by the four founding IPPs. The Charter outlines the aims, mission, objectives and governance of the Industry Group.

The Charter is publicly available (PDF).